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“Yes I am a believer because the other option really doesn’t appeal”

Pray Listen by David Sutton

“Yes I am a believer because the other option really doesn’t appeal”

As I get older I do start to wonder what happens after…you know…one emigrates. And the more I think about it the more appealing it is to be positive about the life beyond because the option is really quite  unattractive…my views about this were further enhanced recently when I read ‘Pray Listen’ by David Sutton.

Until today when we met for coffee, I had never met David Sutton but over the last few months, through a mutual friend we have communicated through social media. David and I only live a few miles apart and through the ‘grapevine’ I was aware that his business and health had both gone through some really tough times and that David had written a book.

Other than that everything was a bit sketchy.

Anyway a couple of weeks ago David sent me a copy of ‘Pray Listen’ and boy oh boy what an incredibly well written and compelling story….and one that I would highly recommend you read.

Although David, an aspiring author, paints a very graphical picture of the terrifying internal struggles that he and his family had to endure during his darkest days, ultimately it is a story that demonstrates just how amazing the human mind is at recovering, with a little help, in David’s case, from divine intervention… leaving me to conclude that miracles really can happen.

The Author’s introduction

“I thought I had it all: a successful family business, money, fast cars, friends and a loving family. Well, life is full of surprises, isn’t it? Shit happens as they say, and when trouble comes knocking on your door, you fight or flee. In my case battles came and went, I would never yield, always compromise, but when a couple of unforeseen incidents came my way, I needed help. I needed a miracle. Or two. 

Unbeknown to me, I was preparing my mind and body for a catastrophic event which would change my life forever. But by the Grace of God and the help and support of family, I found myself on a tough journey of self-discovery, and I gained the belief that things always happen for a reason. Through adversity and a whole string of miracles, I have found true happiness, fulfilment and contentment. 

I feel blessed and privileged to share my story with you”. 

‘Pray listen’ is available from Amazon – paperback copy (£8.99) and kindle edition (£3.50)

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