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If you’re blue today or any other Monday, change your mindset?

Blue Monday, not just a song by New Order, but a day, today, Monday 15th January 2018, when we all apparently collectively wobble and feel “blue” after Christmas and New Year and pending credit card statements.

Do you feel blue, particularly blue today?

I look out of my home office window as I’m writing this and there’s a conspicuous absence of blue in nature on show. I’m fortunate enough to live near the North Sea in east Norfolk, but that today, as every other day, glimmers a dull grey, just as it does every other of the 364 days of the year.

Norfolk skies are big and blue, generally, but today they are pudding murky with heavy rain clouds and an absence of colour. In fact the only blue thing I can see from the window is a blue Renault Clio.

But do I feel blue, today, especially?


I’ve felt depressed every Monday (then Tuesday to Friday) whilst in work in teaching for the past five years but since escaping and finding a freelance mission, I lose track of days of the week, and rarely feel down in any way.

Don’t get me wrong – I feel for others who are currently being shafted in their teaching jobs by psychopathic monsters called “headteachers” – just as I was shafted.

But now, after 4 years, the wound has healed and I have rewired my brain to realise that when fake charges were made up against me, by the police, educational leaders and county council officers, and the delightful caring Christians who put a nail in my career coffin, they actually did me a fucking favour.

Today, I’m not blue, tomorrow, I won’t feel pissed off, next week I won’t be counting down to February half term, because I’m doing something now: running Get Pro Copy, Property Blogs, 321 Websites with Paul, and Man Stress with Paul and Richard; and I love all four.

If work is getting you down, move.

You’re not a fucking tree.

It got me down and only when those bastards blocked every door through collusion, lies and subterfuge, did I find myself.

Norfolk, Suffolk, you 10 colluders, I raise a glass of San Pellegrino to you.

You made me find myself.

You made my Mondays happy, not blue.

You did me a fucking big favour.


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