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Zoe Ball promotes mental health awareness

Until this week I had never heard of cameraman Billy Yates, who tragically took his life in May 2017.

Billy had struggled in the past with depression but from what I read, showed no suicide tendencies leading up to that fatal and life changing day.

On that dreadful day for his family and friends Billy became one of the 6000+ individuals in the UK, in 2017, who called time on his life.

What a terrible waste but my heart goes out to all of those who have had to deal with the aftermath, which in Billy’s case, included television presenter and girlfriend,  Zoe Ball.

Zoe Ball undertook a marathon cycle ride from Blackpool to Brighton, which was aired on BBC on Wednesday night… to promote mental health awareness. It was a very compelling programme, Zoe held nothing back as she talk openly about Billy and as she bravely spoke.

I watched her at times really struggling at the reality of the situation and I brought home to me just how devastating it is for those closes to a suicide victim.

It was tough viewing.

MANSTRESS was created to help males to understand more about the human mind in the hope that it will enable them to work on simple solutions to improve their psychological and physical health. In the short time that we have been working on this platform the three of us have discovered just how important and indeed cathartic it is to TALK about our struggles.

Look I have been on this self-awareness journey for 10 years. I GET how MY brain works but at times it really does throw a curveball, leaving me to deal with the gut wrenching pains and all the other associated issues that ensue when my stress hormones are triggered. BASTARD.

But within a very short time I know that the dreadful feeling will subside and I will be back to normal.

That’s the KEY.

But I also GET that for those millions out there who don’t GET this, and continue to place themselves under pressure, then the brain will continue to fire toxic chemicals into their bodies until the immune system just gives up, and chronic depression or other life threatening ailments set in. It is a horrible place to be and that is why I never intend to go there.

And it is for this reason that we at MANSTRESS are commitment to developing a platform where anyone struggling, at any level, can gain valuable information, help and support through the real life and honest articles we publish.

I really commend Zoe and the BBC for airing this programme. There are millions of people out there who, whilst not suicidal, are struggling terribly with issues for which in the majority of cases, simple solutions exist.

The first step to improving your life is to TALK…and if you are not confident about face to face dialogue then just put your feelings down on paper and send them to us.

Like I said earlier WE at MANSTRESS are really benefitting from TALKING on this platform…I promise it really can work.

Take BIG care.

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  1. Paul Turley 30th March 2018 at 2:55 am - Reply

    I watched the programme on Wednesday as well and thought that it gave the message very clearly that Men do not talk about mental health issues but need to start doing so which is the point of this website. I remember hearing the news about Zoe Ball’s boyfriend Billy Yates on radio 2 and thought at the time how tragic it was and it brought home how These things can hit anyone anytime! Keep up the good work.

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